ETSY Artist Interview number 4

Donna Provo Leuck aka leuckit received her Graphic Art Degree from The American Academy of Art in Chicago.  In November of 2003, She falls 20 feet from a ladder and breaks every bone in  both of her wrists. After two surgeries and much therapy she starts building what she calls "kitchen robots" out of old kitchen items. It helps keep mobility in her hands and wrists.

Me: What are some fun facts about you that may or may not be directly related to your art?

She: I have been creative all my life. I have done all kinds of art.  Including watercolors, murals, pastels, jewelry, wood carving, clay, sewing, snow sculpture...I have even taught art to children. My 6th grade teacher told my mom that he had never met anyone with such a huge imagination!

Me: What is the strangest or funniest comment or question you've ever gotten about your work?

She:   This is not so much a comment as a request. "Can you make one that looks like my boyfriend?"  I have done custom orders but, you have to remember that I am working with metal kitchen items. I can get "likeness" but it won't look exactly like the person!

Me: What is the first thing that usually comes to your mind first thing in the morning?
She: What  fun thing can I do today?

Me: What question do you hate being constantly asked about your work?
She: I was told as a child there were no bad questions. I try to remember that and figure out what the person really wants to know! I love talking to people so I don't mind questions.

Me: Name 5 of your favorite ETSY shops 

She:  RozArt / canoo / retreauxgirlshopjude    I have a lot of favorite shops. Some I admire the artists. Some I covet the goods. Some I find very funny. And, some I have become friends with the shop owners.

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ETSY Artist Interview number 3


Stéphanie Kilgast aka petitplat has a slight Art formation and a master degree in architecture. She discovers her passion for miniatures in summer 2007, while she was searching for a new hobby because she was bored (true story).
When She stumbled upon miniatures all her childhood ran back. Indeed as a child, she played a lot with Barbies and made some clay food out of regular sticky clay for them.
Somehow the passion grew bigger and bigger until it got her entire life. It was a struggle to finish her architecture degree but she knew she wanted to work as an artisan.
So this is what she's doing full time. Sculpting miniature versions of food for collectors and as jewelry. Here we gooo tooo Franceeee.....

Me: How do you define success, and what keeps you going?

She: Success is being able to do what you want, when you want and to earn enough money with it to live comfortably.
"living comfortably" in my opinion is being able to pay your loan, to eat and to do some extras, while being able to put some money aside in case of emergency.
My life itself keeps me going, since it's the life I've chosen. I don't need any motivation to work.

Me: If you were to stop making art, what activity would you replace it with?

She: I can't stop making art. I always used my hands to craft, it's part of who I am.
Although I'd like to be involved in amateur dramatics. that would be fun.

Me: When are you most creative and why do you think this is? Early morning - late morning - afternoon -early evening - late evening, Spring - Summer - Winter - Fall

She: It's easier the other way round.
I'm not creative after Christmas and especially not between Xmas and New Year. I'm not creative when I'm sick or tired. And I need vacation once in a while. Other than that I can be creative pretty much at any time or any location. Although I'm more creative in a city than in nature.

Me: When you are bored with yourself and your work in the studio, what do you do to get out of it artwise?

When my work gets on my nerves I read, watch movies, listen and dance to music, sleep, eat or cook, go out for a walk or browse Etsy.

Me: Name 5 of your favorite ETSY shops

She: blockpartypress / JDavisStudio / EightSeasons / vesselsandwares / michellechangjewelry 
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ETSY Artist Interview number 2

 Hereee weee go to Athens /Greece this week....
Dafni Kangilieri has studied graphic design and illustration....she started making jewelry a few years ago and she opened her ETSY shop "lacravatteduchien" in 2008...Ever since it slowly became from a hobby to a priority in her life. Now a practically make a living out of it! In the next months She is planing to move to another country, but jewelry making will definitely remain a big part of her everyday life.

....She has a wonderful imagination...-as a COLOR fan- I really like her style and jewelries.... 

Me: Do you think artists are fundamentally different than other people? Why or why not?

She: I don't believe that artists are that different... I mean you can't put all artists in the same category as what king of people they are. Every person, including artists, is unique. There are all kinds of people with various behaviors, political and religious views and that has nothing to do with if they are artists or not. The only part where there might be a difference is that once you put art in your live, as an artist and as well as an observer, then is almost impossible to continue without it.

Me: Do you visualize your Art before creating? Do you know what it will look like before you begin? What's your process?

She: Well not completely. I have a basic idea first then I  draw my designs on a paper  . But since every piece is hand sawed and hand illustrated they all come up a bit different in the end. Plus you never know what is going to happen when you play with colors!

Me: As an artist what do you feel the internet has done for you, both on a positive and negative sense?

She: It's true that internet has both good and evil side. That I love about it is that I can work from my house, or even better from wherever I like. I can take my job with me wherever I go! Also selling on-line means my customers are from all over the world! It's wonderful to know that my jewelry might be "taking a walk" right now in the Central Park, on top of the Eiffel Tower or have seen a kangaroo somewhere in Australia! The part I'm so fun of is the computer itself. Working for many years as a graphic designer, I can say I had enough of computers! I don't like to spend my day in front of a screen and not in the real world. So I try to do as less as possible.

Me:Do you have a feature that no one has not seen it yet? if any why remained hidden until now? 

She: Every 2 years or so I get excited with something new. And If I get so excited I can't really hide it. So no. Not for now. But I know at sometime while featuring something new will stuck in my head. We'll  just have to wait and see... :)

 Me: Name 5 of your favorite ETSY shops 

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ETSY Artist Interview number 1

     I am sooo excited like a baby girl:-)..."Artist Interviews" will be my new hobby after a loong time....I have not updated my poor Blog for months..I am sure those "Interviews" will encourage me to keep it updated.....as you may know English is not my mother tongue, I hope and "at the same time" I can develop my english too:-)
Thanx for your time dear friends:-)... here we gooooo to Oregon, US.....

Gesine Kratzner was born in Germany, studied fine art at Kunstakademie Stuttgard and went on to earn MA in animation at the Royal Collage of Art in London .... 
Gesine participates in the ETSY Artist Interview as the 1st interviewer...Her etsy shop name is blobhouse...
Her designs are sooo FUN...Artistic...and every piece has its own Character...
Hope they make you SMILEEEE too:-) to see the exact size of the characters just click on the photos....

  Me: What is the strangest or funniest comment or question you've ever  gotten about your work?

  She: Somebody once called my designs "Sesame Street on heroin", that has  stuck with me for some reason. Meaning they are cute, but there is  also something a little bit off about them..., or at least that is how  I interpret that remark.

 Me: Do you like criticism/feedback or do you like to figure it out all  by yourself?

 She:  I think I'm at a point in my life where I know what is good and what  isn't and what I like and what I don't. So I guess, no I don't really  like criticism too much, but I'm always open to ideas and suggestions-  wether I take them on or not is another question. In my life as an  artist for hire, doing design for commercials, it's a different story.

Me: As an artist what do you feel the internet has done for you, both 
on a positive and negative sense?

She: I think when google image search came along, that really changed my 
life. Before, if I had to design a platypus (for example), in order to 
know what a platypus looks like I'd have to go to the library and find 
a book on Australian animals. Now I get thousands of pages of 
platypuses from all angles- fantastic!
Of course every artist has to have a web presence these days and 
that's some work to build up, but on the other hand you can reach so 
many people!
The fact that I sit in front of the computer instead of making art is 
the negative side.

Me: The business side of being an artist: how do you market/promote  yourself, and does it work? How do you cope? Any juicy dealer stories?
She: To be honest, I am only just starting to do more of my own personal art and figuring out ways to sell it. I have a pretty busy career in animation, designing and directing animated commercials. A lot of the design work I do in my job luckily is not too far removed in style from what I would do in my own personal art. Nevertheless it is so enjoyable when I do get around to producing some art at home and I found that I like selling it too- getting to hear from customers and  knowing that little bits of my world are finding new homes in faraway places. My etsy store is only about a half a year old and I've been having a couple of art shows here in Portland in the last year, but it is still very much something I do on the side.

Me: Name your favorite shops at ETSY

She:   seasprayblue  /  timor  /  3crows  /  Juliapott



More Proffesional LOOK to my Jewels

I have been thinking to change my ETSY shop appearance for a looong loong time...and finally ....here are the results...hope you like them...Click on the photos to see other shots and descriptions:-)
Cobalt Blue Yellow Green colors of Lampwork Glass Silver Necklace with Chain

Cobalt Blue Yellow Green colors of Lampwork Glass Silver Necklace with Chain

Coral White Baby Blue color Lampwork Silver Adjustable Ring

Coral White Baby Blue color Lampwork Silver Adjustable Ring

Enamel Silver Lampwork Sofiel Angel Necklace with Heart

Enamel Silver Lampwork Sofiel Angel Necklace with Heart