It was such a
Green.....Joyful....Colorful place with all the flowers...beautiful children....and I am sure I will go back to this heaven once more...

Being in NL is seeing unlimited sky with all green...cotton clouds...sheeps...cows...horses...windmills....
Being in NL is seeing wonderful colorful houses with all kind of flowers.....love love love it.......

Being in NL is watching HOLY DAWN while you are at BAI 's home, drinking coffee....listening to nature...Thanx for being a great friend my Tie Dye Bai:-) 
Being in NL is bumping into funny decorated shops, blue shoelaced man:-) seeing "freddy kruger" on the street and a blond boy with black moustache !!! listening to great music when you feel down...

guess which way is CORRECT??


Being in NL is meeting up with friends from ETSY ....enjoying at craft fairs:-)
**Attended 2 Craft Fairs during my visit...

which are *Hippe Markt in het Utrechtse Griftpark and Sunday Market at Cultuurpark

and end of a STORY:-)



My NEW COLLECTION 'Water Effect' has been introduced at indiespotting  for the first time .Thank you soooo much for your great support !!!


In the studio with MY SHOP at CAFE HANDMADE

what is CAFE HANDMADE???
Cafe Handmade

Click Cafe Handmade to read "In the studio with my MY SHOP "..Cafe Handmade is like a traditional craft show, but better. You can now attend a craft show at your leisure, as often as you would like, and have the same experience as a traditional craft show with featured artist interviews, giveaways, and of course the Virtual Craft Show."""


"Mia Posta" and My designs

Today I woke up with great news....one of a well known Turkish Trendsetter Blog MIAPOSTA has written about my Lampwork and Recycle Jewelry Designs....


My Shop Feature at Japanese Magazine

Months ago, I had 5 visitors from Japan to my tiny-little shop:-)... I really can not explain the way of their working..I was really amazed...1 was taking photos..1 was trying to communicate with me with a little English...1 was searching for my designs...and other 2 were helping to others:-)...It was a really looong day for meeee....and guesss.. what happened?...I received the booklet when I was having a really tough day...let's say a YOYO day...this booklet made my day....and I have just learnt the way of writing in Japanese Alphabeth:-)...really interestingggg....it is right to left in vertical columns:-)

My Shop Feature at Italian Magazine

Helloo there!! after a loooong time....I had many news about my designs but had no enough time...I will try to do my best from now on:-)....First of all My shop featured in an Italian Magazine...they have prepared an issue about Istanbul...all the beauties...food..shopping...where to go...what to do...and to be a part of it, is really amazing:-)...



Thousands of Vintage Buttons

I would like to write about  Gibbons Shop where you can find "Thousand of Vintage Buttons"...You can also find Anthiques and Collectibles too...Here are the interesting photos of the Shop and Buttons...

Evelyn Gibbons the owner of the shop has been collecting and selling buttons in her antique shop for many years.There are many different types of buttons....made of bone to crystal...wooden to acrylic...If you are interested in reading more about BUTTON..Please visit to Kraplap 's Blog every Thursday....


Spring Makes My Fever Right....

I adore spring  not just because of feeling nature of LOVE ...but also seeing the color of the flowers I plent..smelling them...watching their color mix until you get bored...(I would not mind....I can watch them for all day long:-) 
Spring  also reminds me a song from Elvis..as below....

A little bird, he told me so
He said come on, get on the go
Open your eyes the sky is full of butterflies
The blossoms on the trees stir up the honey bees
Spring makes my fever right

Spring fever, spring is here at last
Spring fever, my heart’s beating fast
Get up, get out spring is everywhere

Well if you feel the wanderlust
Just grab a car or hop a bus
In every town there’s excitement to be found
So much is happening
Don’t miss the joy of spring
The world’s in love just look around

Spring fever comes to everyone
Spring fever, it’s time for fun
Get up, get out spring is everywhere

Just write me ...what Spring reminds YOU......


Etsy Istanbul Lovers met in a lovely restaurant called PROKOPI on 31st of March... The food was sooo delicious...we ate  too muchhh..we laughed too muchhh...and I am really happy to be a part of them....
who we are...here we are:-)

photo1: Miss.Laugh AZRA aka AFRA , the Photographer SEMRA aka Kirevi8

photo2: The Shy One GULTEN aka Crochetbutterfly , Miss Happy Face SEBNEM aka ShebboDesign 

 photo3: Miss Sweet Mom:-) SULE aka bysweetmom 

photo4: Miss Big Face...KRISTIN aka evihan , The Beauty ASLI aka atelierafra

We ate supperdupper delicious Mezzes...the one with EtsyFriends writing is a very typical Armenian Mezze called TOPIK...Topik is an Armenian delicacy which has almost completely disappeared from kitchens..The casing is made of potatoes and garbanzo beans, the filling is to die for: slow roasted onions, tahini, black currants, allspice and pine nuts. The reastaurant where we were is one of the very few last places who offer this specialty. Nowadays it is only (and even then rarely, as it is very cumbersome to prepare) found in the private kitchens of the Armenian minority in Istanbul, especially around New Year..

 Happy to know you all...and hope to seeing you again and again:-)


eviHAN at "Greek" on-line Fashion World "ERMOUMAG"

  I am sooooo excited...My designs were featured at  ERMOUMAG .....You have chance to win one my green color LadyBug Bracelet  

In order to win this unique gift, just leave a comment under article " eviHAN on Etsy " and enter the competition...you can also spread the link via Facebook, twitter or via other communiaction channels which  would be GREAT...... Thank you for your participation...!!


And SPRING comes....guess with WHO?:-)

           Finally spring comes "at least" to my shop...with flowers...with the tweets of the birds...

and TATATTAAAMMM....I have new designs at my shop...my fellow europeanstreetteam friend Bai sent me some of her great designs to Istanbul:-) ....I am soo proud of her...because yesterday 3 Dutch "tourist" visitors recognized her style from the fairs she attended...world is becoming so smallll...and WELCOME TO MY SMALL WORLD MY BAI:-)


eviHAN at IKSV Design Store

 The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Art’s  IKSV new design store at the Deniz Palas in Sishane is the perfect venue for designers and artists to display their original creations.

My new collection "water effect" has been featured in this beautiful ART SHOP...and they are sold out in a very short time...:-) You can see some of my designs as below...I have designed rings and brooches so far...new pieces are on the way...:-)