ETSY Artist Interview number 1

     I am sooo excited like a baby girl:-)..."Artist Interviews" will be my new hobby after a loong time....I have not updated my poor Blog for months..I am sure those "Interviews" will encourage me to keep it updated.....as you may know English is not my mother tongue, I hope and "at the same time" I can develop my english too:-)
Thanx for your time dear friends:-)... here we gooooo to Oregon, US.....

Gesine Kratzner was born in Germany, studied fine art at Kunstakademie Stuttgard and went on to earn MA in animation at the Royal Collage of Art in London .... 
Gesine participates in the ETSY Artist Interview as the 1st interviewer...Her etsy shop name is blobhouse...
Her designs are sooo FUN...Artistic...and every piece has its own Character...
Hope they make you SMILEEEE too:-) to see the exact size of the characters just click on the photos....

  Me: What is the strangest or funniest comment or question you've ever  gotten about your work?

  She: Somebody once called my designs "Sesame Street on heroin", that has  stuck with me for some reason. Meaning they are cute, but there is  also something a little bit off about them..., or at least that is how  I interpret that remark.

 Me: Do you like criticism/feedback or do you like to figure it out all  by yourself?

 She:  I think I'm at a point in my life where I know what is good and what  isn't and what I like and what I don't. So I guess, no I don't really  like criticism too much, but I'm always open to ideas and suggestions-  wether I take them on or not is another question. In my life as an  artist for hire, doing design for commercials, it's a different story.

Me: As an artist what do you feel the internet has done for you, both 
on a positive and negative sense?

She: I think when google image search came along, that really changed my 
life. Before, if I had to design a platypus (for example), in order to 
know what a platypus looks like I'd have to go to the library and find 
a book on Australian animals. Now I get thousands of pages of 
platypuses from all angles- fantastic!
Of course every artist has to have a web presence these days and 
that's some work to build up, but on the other hand you can reach so 
many people!
The fact that I sit in front of the computer instead of making art is 
the negative side.

Me: The business side of being an artist: how do you market/promote  yourself, and does it work? How do you cope? Any juicy dealer stories?
She: To be honest, I am only just starting to do more of my own personal art and figuring out ways to sell it. I have a pretty busy career in animation, designing and directing animated commercials. A lot of the design work I do in my job luckily is not too far removed in style from what I would do in my own personal art. Nevertheless it is so enjoyable when I do get around to producing some art at home and I found that I like selling it too- getting to hear from customers and  knowing that little bits of my world are finding new homes in faraway places. My etsy store is only about a half a year old and I've been having a couple of art shows here in Portland in the last year, but it is still very much something I do on the side.

Me: Name your favorite shops at ETSY

She:   seasprayblue  /  timor  /  3crows  /  Juliapott



  1. I love this story!!! Thanks for share!

  2. So fun to read, thank you for introducing me to this fun artist!

  3. 'Sesame Street on heroin' - that's funny. I love those strange little creatures...

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    "Sesame Street on heroin" is so funny!!!

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    I don't think those lovely creatures are on heroin! Hahaha! Funny!