ETSY Artist Interview number 2

 Hereee weee go to Athens /Greece this week....
Dafni Kangilieri has studied graphic design and illustration....she started making jewelry a few years ago and she opened her ETSY shop "lacravatteduchien" in 2008...Ever since it slowly became from a hobby to a priority in her life. Now a practically make a living out of it! In the next months She is planing to move to another country, but jewelry making will definitely remain a big part of her everyday life.

....She has a wonderful imagination...-as a COLOR fan- I really like her style and jewelries.... 

Me: Do you think artists are fundamentally different than other people? Why or why not?

She: I don't believe that artists are that different... I mean you can't put all artists in the same category as what king of people they are. Every person, including artists, is unique. There are all kinds of people with various behaviors, political and religious views and that has nothing to do with if they are artists or not. The only part where there might be a difference is that once you put art in your live, as an artist and as well as an observer, then is almost impossible to continue without it.

Me: Do you visualize your Art before creating? Do you know what it will look like before you begin? What's your process?

She: Well not completely. I have a basic idea first then I  draw my designs on a paper  . But since every piece is hand sawed and hand illustrated they all come up a bit different in the end. Plus you never know what is going to happen when you play with colors!

Me: As an artist what do you feel the internet has done for you, both on a positive and negative sense?

She: It's true that internet has both good and evil side. That I love about it is that I can work from my house, or even better from wherever I like. I can take my job with me wherever I go! Also selling on-line means my customers are from all over the world! It's wonderful to know that my jewelry might be "taking a walk" right now in the Central Park, on top of the Eiffel Tower or have seen a kangaroo somewhere in Australia! The part I'm so fun of is the computer itself. Working for many years as a graphic designer, I can say I had enough of computers! I don't like to spend my day in front of a screen and not in the real world. So I try to do as less as possible.

Me:Do you have a feature that no one has not seen it yet? if any why remained hidden until now? 

She: Every 2 years or so I get excited with something new. And If I get so excited I can't really hide it. So no. Not for now. But I know at sometime while featuring something new will stuck in my head. We'll  just have to wait and see... :)

 Me: Name 5 of your favorite ETSY shops 

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